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I am 29 years old and self-appointed digital artist, daydreamer, photographer, graphic designer and I am fighting for beauty and zest for life.

I‘m currently based in Dresden, germany and specialized in Design & illustration and

with an penchant for dissonance, I create individual and innovative concepts, artworks and prints. Creative work is a part of my life and a part of my character.

Latestly i became a Mediendesigner with IHK graduation and i am working as a freelancer for national clients. Now i am seeking for a fulltime job as a Webdesigner, Illustrator or Graficdesigner.

Thanks for your visit, enjoy the artworks and images on my site. In case of any questions don‘t be hesitate to contact me.


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Today i want to introduce you into my work 'Suffer Eternaly'. In several steps i reproduce with you the image what i've created in 2016.

At first i loaded a photo of a person into Photoshop CC.

In this case, it was Carmen Electra. After choosing the image i cut off the part of her face to become rid of the areas i don't need.


Now i created a background. That for i took some textures )beton, cement & some Paint brushes for photoshop).

These Textures i loaded into the background and tried to blend them with different layerstyles until i got an interessting texture

After this i combined these with ALT + SHIFT + (M CMD / W CTRL) + E into a new layer. I masked this with the new brushes to become a nice separation.


In this part i inserted a texture of slate rocks and used the black & white correction to stay in my colorsheme.
To combine the skin with the texture, the layermode got changed to overlay.

Now i had to create an antler, with the same texture. I took an antler of a deer from google, selected this and separated this into another layer. I took the same layer mode and texture (overlay).


Some mountains and rocks as texture helped to recreate the shapes her face. I also had to change the colors into black and white. The final attachement was to correct the different contrasts.

Now i fixed the border where i cut off the face, creating a fractle style by using Paintbrushes. To give this a bit more depth, i created a tiny motionblur for several parts. This made the image ways more dynamic.


I created two new layers and used the Renderfilter > Clouds and a secound filter )Blurfilter > Motionblur). After i created this layers i repositioned them and blended them into the background to create more motion and dynamic.

To get lighter spots i moved the layer to an higherpoint in the order and changed the blending mode to vivid light, color dodge or overlay.


Now i took fire textures & space nebulas in black and White and masked them, into the cloud layer we created befor, to give it abit more random movement. Again i started to play arround with the Layermods.

Loop this step a view times and try to change the order of the nebulas and fire textures to become a interesting look.


Again i created abit dynamic with motionblur and a separated cloud layer. Now you can change the layer mode to soft light.

For a bit more random movement i copied this layer and took the Filter > Liquify. The twirl tool helped to get a bit random movement insideleft click to rotate in glockwise, right click to rotate in the opposite direction.


To get some color i created some orange colordots on different layers new Layers, these have to be under the dynamic layers. Then i changed there Layermods, i personally prefered to use vivid light, Screen or overlay.

Now i created some darker strokes to give it a bit more contrast and movement with smoke. That for i used textures and brushes. Tip try to work with a bit brown and soft dark blue in here. This gave it a bit more dynamic. Remember the sight where the light is coming from, is brown and the shadows are a bit blue.


I played with spark & fire textures, which came on the top. I changed the layermode to Overlay and masked some parts off. To give the image just a bit more Fire details.

The same i did in different layer orders to become a bit more depth into the fire. Some of them got a bit blured via Filter > Blurfilters > Gaussianblur.


Now i created some firetrails using the brushtool in different sizes with white, yellow, red on different layers. These became vivid light as layermode. Use motionblur filter with the same settings.

I took a breake to soothe my eyes. After i came back i took some small corrections with the Curves tool.


The image is almost done and i figured out, after my break, that i need to change the colors. Thats why i made a color adjustment with the Camera Raw filter, but you also can improve them with any other color correction. I added a bit cyan in the darks and increased yellow and red for the lights.

Now i have to care for some final adjustments. This layer is called the '6090' Layer. With this u can play arround to figure out the best result of your image and improve missing things.


At least i added a font, which i splitted into 2 parts. These became a rust texture in black and white. Then i added a bit of fire and some final color adjustments.

I hope this will help you. Try out your new Photoshop skills. It always helps to seperate single steps of a tutorial into a new own composition.

Always think creative and have a look to inspiring artists. Try to figure out how they created there styles, effects and fonts and try to reproduce them.


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